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Who I work with 1:1

Here you can learn more about who I work with in a 1:1 and private capacity, and whether my approach is a good fit for you.

I often work with people who:

  • Have actively participated in healing their personal traumas

  • Are neurodiverse, or experience challenges with their mental and physical health

  • Have actively participated in receiving support for those challenges

  • Are intrigued by movement, somatic and energy practices (like reiki, crystal healing or breathwork) but might not have tried them out

  • Are self-aware, curious, interested in life and keen to learn

  • Are conscious that something is blocking their inherent energy, enthusiasm and joy ... but they can't articulate what it is

  • Or they know exactly what it is ... but they can't seem to move past it.

In my work, all bodies and minds are welcome.

I make intentional effort to welcome all people into my work.

All gender identities are welcome, including gender non-conforming people, those in transition or who identify as trans, non-binary folk, women and men. I am non-binary. I believe gender is a construct. I intentionally make distinctions between our biological experience of living in a certain body with certain habits, and our social experience of living with different gender identities, presentations and assumptions. I make sure my language around sacred and sensual power, and your body, is gender-neutral and agreed with you.

All physical abilities are welcome, including disabled people and non-disabled people. I adhere to the social model of disability. In my embodied coaching, I intentionally provide multiple technique options so that people with different bodies can take part. My priority is to make sure you feel excited to participate and will adapt techniques and delivery so that's possible.

All minds are welcome, including neurodiverse and neurotypical individuals. I have ADHD (adult diagnosis). I believe neurodiversity is neither a blessing or a curse; it just is. I recognise different neurodiverse experiences require different methods of coaching, energy and movement work, and I make sure I suggest and use methods that work for you in your unique experience. I will always prioritise your mind, rather than the mind you have been told you should have.

My work is not suitable for you if:

  • You haven't yet actively participated in acknowledging and starting to heal your personal traumas

  • You refuse support for any ongoing mental or physical health challenges

  • You are resistant to experience practices that include movement, energy work, or engage with the body as well as the mind

  • You want an easy, fast solution to your complex problems

  • You need a medical professional, counsellor, psychotherapist, physiotherapist or trauma expert.

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