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In Praise

I'm grateful to each of the clients and participants who shared their feedback with me. I trust it'll prove useful to you.

Jennifer, creative mentor

"No-nonsense, common sense, creative, knowledgeable and hugely supportive coaching."

Francis, holistic therapist

"Elly's coaching gave me the clarity and boost I needed, along with practical advice about language to use in my business. I came away feeling reinvigorated and supported."

Kyla, fine artist

"I walked into our meeting in a foggy haze and I left with total clarity. Thank you Eleanor."

Angela, business owner

"The coaching session we had way back has been the support I needed to me to get to where I am today starting out with working for myself. You made a difference. Thank you."

Het, illustrator

"I went into the session with Eleanor on the verge of tears, feeling it to be a last resort, and came out absolutely beaming and fizzing with new energy and positivity."

Carol, content writer

"Eleanor is genuine, friendly and uses the perfect blend of practical solutions whilst helping you figure out the answer for yourself. Their focus is clearly on you and none of their advice feels prescriptive or rehearsed."

Amy, illustrator

"Eleanor created a safe space to talk about my creative practice without judgement. There are no right or wrong answers. They helped me work through my challenges in such a way that left me feeling in control - I knew where to go for resources and what to try next. I felt empowered to make these decisions about my creative practice.

Eleanor really invests in helping YOU. Not an 'illustrator' or 'entrepreneur', but you."

Charlotte, interiors designer

"Eleanor's work was excellent - well-structured and gave me a clear understanding of what I should do and how I should do it. They are really inspirational to work with."

Fiona, conference organiser

“We had such great verbal feedback about your keynote. So glad we recorded it because we all want to see it! Now just worrying about how on earth we top you next year … ”

Roz, Programme Support Manager

“Elly was key to the success of our event, and I would have no hesistation in recommending them to others seeking a warm, engaging, down-to-earth speaker.”

Tess, event organiser

“People kept coming up to me after your talk and saying how brilliant you were. They loved your passion, honesty and energy. It was a privilege to have you with us.”

Jess, e-learning manager

“Eleanor’s mentoring skills have meant an individual in my team has grown in confidence within her role and excel at what she does. Eleanor is just an all-round great person to work with."

Kate, agency founder

“Eleanor helped us identify the things we should emphasise and the things that make us unique. The moment we had the results from their work, it became easier to make the decisions we needed for our business.”

Tim, business owner

"Elly has been with me through my business journey from side project to full time entrepreneur. The guidance provided has helped me grow my vision, and confidence, helped me stay on track and provided valuable perspective.

I would not be as successful, or more importantly, as happy, fulfilled and excited about the future, without Elly's support. A very sincere thank you."

Alicia, somatic practitioner

"My embodiment session with Eleanor was wonderful. Their guidance was clear, their voice was soothing, and the approach very gentle. They gave plenty of space for me to feel into my breath and movement. Everything felt very safe which felt very nourishing and calming for my nervous system.

I highly recommend a session with Eleanor, especially if this is your first time doing embodied practice. Their approach is very grounded and  accessible."

Joanna, business owner

"Elly, you've left no rock unturned. You squirrel down to the root cause of resistance and pull me up from drowning in the detail. You have helped me identify my goals and revisit my values. We have collaborated on a plan to get there and we've scaled it back to be manageable. And it's all communicated with such clarity and simplicity. I'm very much looking forward to continuing this year!"

Tanya, TEDX speaker

"Eleanor's ability to connect with my energy and articulate my feelings through the reading was incredibly accurate... an empathic reader who delivers information from Source with a positive approach to their client's state of mind."

Catherine, wellbeing design consultant

"The experience with Eleanor has been intriguing, exciting, hugely insightful and continues to be as I further reflect on the reading, highly relevant and applicable to me and my personal life."

Irina, bodyworker

"The embodiment session really felt like an exploration with a deepness beyond explanation and literally so complex that words can't put it. It left an image inside me of everything, all colors and facets and the same time absolute vastness and emptiness in a calming and peaceful way. It feels like I was in the whole Universe in a dream like state and at the same time right here in my body, experiencing and witnessing the universe in me. Micro and Macrocosmos.

Your work is outstanding. Like not from this planet, almost like a psychedelic experience."

Hayley, textile artist

"Eleanor's coaching is a great way to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Working with them is helping me to grow my business and art practice with confidence"

Claire, fine artist

"The coaching journey is totally organic and Eleanor's advice is always extremely practical. Actions between sessions are always very clear and really help to move things forward."

Desi, founder of Sensual Somatic (TM)

“Being facilitated by Eleanor felt like a warm, soothing embrace, where I could fully surrender. I could arrive with all of my humanness, no matter how emotional I felt.
Eleanor created space for all of me to simply be, and the deep trust & states of safety I felt in this space allowed powerful insight and emotional breakthroughs to happen in the span of only 30 minutes.
I have led others through this type of embodiment, time and time again, knowing the power of this work because of how often I’ve witnessed in both myself and others the alchemy that can occur, but very rarely does someone else facilitate me to this level of depth in my own process.
Eleanor guided me to a newfound depth of release in such an empowering way. I highly recommend experiencing Eleanor’s medicine.”
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