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A survivor shines

The motivating story of how good life can become when you claim who you really are and your true worthiness.
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From a young age, Eleanor learnt that survival meant avoiding pain and proving they were worthy of care and attention.
In their early teenage years, this feeling deepened as they experienced household dysfunction, divorce, debilitating illness, trouble at school and, in their first romantic relationship, sexual coercion and rape.
In the following decades, as they clung to a successful corporate and teaching career, Eleanor experienced depression, self-harm, disordered eating and suicidal ideation as the effects of these traumatic childhood events finally took hold.
But then a series of unexpected, inexplicable events opened their eyes to the joy and beauty of life. Eleanor recognised that despite traumatic beginnings, the purpose of their existence was not to avoid suffering, but to enjoy existing.
What followed was a professional and personal journey into transforming the effects of suffering by exploring the many different pathways we can take out of pain and into joy - including claiming Eleanor's true identity as a non-binary person.
But living life by your own rules is not easy.

Old habits die hard, and Eleanor's experience in the years following those unexpected events taught them it's not enough to just go through the motions you think will change your life;
you must truly live as if your life were already changed.
Now, as a speaker and facilitator, Eleanor shares their inspirational story with others, encouraging people who are enduring suffering and longing for more to not just do things differently, but embrace authentically being different.
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As a speaker and facilitator, Eleanor activates your audience's ability to maximise their own potential and find greater joy through this uplifting story, supported by a toolkit of diverse personal growth methodologies and the gift of Eleanor's compassionate, loving presence.
If you want to support your team, community or clients to live life according to their own rules through empathy, grace and an innovative, awakened perspective, email to book Eleanor for your next away day, leadership conference, or training programme.
Trained in:
Trauma awareness, with Dr Susanna Petche's Trauma-Sense Programme
Bio-energetics, with Jennifer Surch, Founder of AOMT
Somatic facilitation, with Desi Monique, Creator of Sensual Somatics
Women's holistic leadership, with One of Many
Journal therapy and life coaching, with the Centre of Excellence
Foundational Nonviolent Communication, with Liz Kingsnorth of CNVC
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Eleanor Snare

Book Eleanor's inspiring perspective for your next event, away day or conference.
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