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Eleanor Snare

Work with Eleanor as a personal coach on your healing journey and change your story of suffering into one of joyous wholeness.
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Eleanor has been working as a coach since 2019 after returning from their time living in South America and Canada. It was a natural step to offer their extra-ordinary self-development toolkit and compassionate presence to people seeking to transcend trauma and find their own unique version of spiritual wellness.
"Eleanor has been with me through my business journey from side project to full time entrepreneur. The guidance they provide has helped me grow my vision and confidence, helped me stay on track and provided valuable perspective.

I would not be as successful, or more importantly, as happy, fulfilled and excited about the future, without Eleanor's support. A very sincere thank you."
Tim, who has been coached from side hustle to entrepreneur to regeneration thought leader
Unlike other coaches who concentrate exclusively on goal-setting and 'bootcamp' style challenges, Eleanor's approach is very different: trauma-informed, heartfelt and focused on how to change your daily reality so you can change your life.
"Eleanor squirrels down to the root cause of resistance and pulls me up from drowning in the detail. They have helped me identify my goals and revisit my values, and collaborated on a plan to get there - all communicated with such clarity and simplicity."
Joanna, who has been coached to improve her business, relationships and self-love
When you're coached by Eleanor, you'll work deeply, consistently, but gently, going at a pace that means the changes you make truly stick. You'll discover wellness and satisfaction on a spiritual level - as well as a practical one - no matter how messy, big or unclear your current challenges are.
"Through coaching with Eleanor, I’ve learnt it’s okay to be in touch and show emotions; that it’s okay to love the things you love regardless of what people think; it’s okay to break the mould of what you’ve been taught a man has to be.”
James, who was coached after suffering a serious stroke
Eleanor's work has been described as a "warm, soothing embrace", accessible, organic, and with a "deepness beyond explanation".

Their personal coaching clients have tackled the full range of life challenges after trauma, including:

Stepping up to a leadership role
Rekindling intimacy with a loved one
Changing career after 30 years
Recovering from life-changing illness
Improving their work-business balance
Reconnecting to their emotions

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Eleanor has two coaching packages: monthly sessions for 6 months, or monthly sessions for 12 months.

Each session is 60 minutes and takes place over video call. Between sessions you'll have actions to work on, reflections to write, and WhatsApp communication with Eleanor.
If you want 2024 to be the year you move past your trauma and start living a life you truly love, then email to book your complementary consultation.

Eleanor Snare

Find out more about Eleanor's story of transforming suffering into joy.
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