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Eleanor Snare

An inspirational speaker and extra-ordinary facilitator who teaches organisations about the impact of sexual trauma and coaches survivors to live a life they love.
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As a teenager, Eleanor was raped. They struggled in silence for years as a result of this violent act, experiencing depression, self-harm, disordered eating and suicidal thoughts.
"You would be hard pushed to find someone who could talk any better around what is a difficult and sensitive subject. The way Eleanor presents their story is one of the main reasons they stand out. Massively engaging and portrays what they've been through on a level that many people can relate to."
Jimmy Blair, Culture and Talent Manager Journey Further
Despite numerous therapeutic interventions, it wasn’t until a profound spiritual awakening that Eleanor realised there was more to life than simply enduring suffering. This led them to comprehensively explore how we can heal after painful experiences - individually and collectively.
"Eleanor was key to the success of our event, and I would have no hesistation in recommending them to others seeking a warm, engaging, down-to-earth speaker."
Roz Walsh, Transformational Change Programme Support Manager University of Leeds
Eleanor shares their honest story with organisations and teaches them what they can do to make their workplace more supportive for survivors, and how to reduce inappropriate behaviours which can be re-traumatising.
"Eleanor came at the problem of men's emotional literacy from a different angle to many based on their own personal experiences. They were able to navigate the delivery of their session with humour, sound research and credibility, bringing their unique approach to an important and challenging conversation for many men. We would recommend Eleanor to anyone looking to have a serious conversation about this topic."
Mike Bates, Founder of NXT 45 men's wellbeing community
Eleanor's work has been described as a "warm, soothing embrace", accessible, organic, and with a "deepness beyond explanation".

It has touched 100s of people and has been shared by clients including workplace consultancies, e-learning providers and red-brick universities to help their communities maximise their potential both at work and home.
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If you want 2024 to be the year your organisation becomes better at supporting sexual trauma survivors, less tolerant of inappropriate behaviours, and a psychologically safer, kinder place to work ...

... then
email to book Eleanor for a talk, facilitated session or keynote.
“We had such great verbal feedback about your keynote. So glad we recorded it because we all want to see it! Now just worrying about how on earth we top you next year … ”
Fiona Pelly, Design Futures conference organiser

Eleanor Snare

Find out more about Eleanor's story of transforming suffering into joy.
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