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My approach

Here you can learn more about my approach to coaching and what you can expect from working together.

I take a holistic and embodied approach.

You are a spiritual being having a human experience, so my approach starts with your heart and soul and extends outwards to your mind and body.

I believe in the right tool for the right job, and use a wide variety of methods to engage you in working through the challenges of conflict, lack, overwhelm and discord in your life, and towards joy, confidence, boldness and ease. Learn more about my credentials here.


Unconditional Love is my core spiritual value and sense of being. I extend this Unconditional Love to you so you feel safe and held.


I will offer you physical practices to engage your body's wisdom and permit you to process stuck emotions and limiting beliefs.


I listen, intently, to all that you're saying and everything you're not. This reflection teaches you how your language is shaping your reality.


Together we'll create structures of thinking and sequences of action which move you step by step through challenges without falling into old habits.


The right question at the right time will change your life. I trust my intuition to offer effective questions to you that allow your soul to speak.


As you move towards joy, confidence and boldness, I will offer freeing techniques that allow you to reach new levels of engagement with your journey.

What you can expect

In our coaching journey (and in any interaction with my work), you can expect to experience support, celebration, challenge, clarity and a deep acknowledgment of all that you are and what you wish to achieve.


I trust my intuition and our co-creation with The Universe will guide my actions to get the very best from you - even when you do not feel like the very best version of yourself.

"Coaching is personalised and keeps me accountable. Having a steer and encouragement from someone completely objective who looks at my situation holistically is worth every penny."

Joanna Fulford

Get in touch

To enquire about coaching, fill out the form and I'll get in touch to organise a casual, getting to know you conversation.

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