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The coaching process

On this page you can learn more about my coaching process and what happens in our relationship even before you become a private client.

You identify your desire for coaching.

The first step is you feel the time is right for you to get additional support. You may have a specific challenge you're facing, a major event may have taken you by surprise, or you might simply be fed up of the conflict, lack, overwhelm and discord characterising your life.

We have an introductory chat.

I'll respond to you and organise a time for an informal, 30 minute introductory chat. The point of this is to see where you're at, what you need support with and whether we 'click'. It's an opportunity to introduce yourself and your life, and ask questions.

You choose your coaching package.

Once you've got that information, you make a decision about which package is right for you. There are different prices and frequencies so you can find one that fits.

We have our first session.

Your coaching officially begins! It's exciting and a little bit nerve-wracking, and that's okay. The session will be 60-90m long, via phone or video call. I'll use your coaching intentions to kick us off and we'll be away.

Then our final session.
You get in touch.

You reach out to me through my contact form, email, or on social media inquiring about 1:1 coaching services. Don't worry if you don't know what to say - saying 'hello' is enough.

If it feels good, I share the packages with you.

If we both feel good about working together and that I can support you in your journey to more joy and happiness, I'll share the details of my coaching packages with you either on the call or via email afterwards.

If I don't feel that my approach is the right fit for you right now, I will do my best to signpost you to more appropriate practitioners and approaches so you can get the support you need.

I send over the paperwork.

Not as boring as it sounds, I'll send you a coaching contract, payment plan and organise an on-boarding call so everything is squared away before our first session.

The on-boarding call is an opportunity to discuss your challenges in more detail. We'll also have a screening conversation so I'm aware of any histories of trauma you might have, so I can create the safest and most secure container for you in our coaching.

Followed by regular 1:1 meetings.

We'll then have regular 1:1 coaching sessions for the duration of your package, each one focused on the challenges and opportunities that are coming up for you. Every session ends with action setting for next time, and starts with reflecting on progress since the previous session.

In between sessions, we'll also chat via email or WhatsApp whenever you need extra support.

As we wrap up your coaching, we'll review how far you've come in your journey and set intentions for your future.

Get in touch

To enquire about coaching with me, fill out the form and I'll respond to organise an initial, 30 minute conversation.

Thanks for submitting!

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