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Getting started

You're here because the time has come for life to be better.


You're looking for ways to move past what gets in the way of feeling bold, vibrant and full of potential.

You're trying to find the tools that will restore your joy, reawaken your energy and help you reclaim your life.


Because right now, your life has been overtaken by one (or more) of these four big problems:

This work is for you.

My name is Eleanor Snare. I'm a facilitator author, speaker and coach.

And, just like you, these issues once drained the life energy out of me.

I lived many years feeling tired, stressed, and disconnected from the richness of life. Nothing I did felt like it was good enough; nothing felt like it 'worked'.

Until I discovered the joy that comes with acknowledging your own inherent sacred and sensual power.


Using this work

This website is home to all the tools, resources and offers I have authored and continue to develop. Explore the parts that feel right for you, and don't hesitate to reach out to ask questions or enquire about working together.

Explore and buy my published work, and learn about my academic research.

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Book a private embodied coaching session, for yourself or a group, to release blocks and reconnect your power.

Regular  Reminders

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