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Getting started

You're here because you are a seeker. You're looking for something to ease the challenges that emerge in the path to your biggest dreams.


You're trying to find the tools to help you feel confident, secure, bold and determined as you travel through life.


You're trying to find ways to help yourself overcome these four big problems:

This work is for you.

My name is Eleanor Snare. I'm an author, speaker and coach. Like you, I'm a seeker.

My mission in bringing you affordable, embodied, spiritual self-help is to help you overcome conflict, lack, overwhelm and discord with joy and confidence.


No-one has to struggle with these problems. No-one is destined to fail. You can help yourself feel good about your life and who you truly are. It is possible to move past problems that have stuck to you your whole life. You do have the potential to experience life at its most glorious and enriching.


And in doing so, you can help others too.


Using this work

This website is home to all of the self-help tools, resources and offers I have authored and continue to develop. Explore the parts that feel right for you, and don't hesitate to reach out to ask questions or make suggestions for self-help that would help you. I truly feel my work is co-created: me, you, and The Universe.

Explore and buy my published work, and learn about my academic research.

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Get self-help tips through my media interviews. My podcast, Coming Home, launches soon.


Book an embodied, spiritual self-help workshop, online or in person.

Regular  Reminders

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Become a private coaching client for deep 1:1 support in the crucial areas of your life.

Not sure where to begin?

Find me on social media to get a flavour of what I provide.

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