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What happens in a session?

On this page you can learn more about the process of working together and what you can expect as a private client.

You identify your desire for this work.

The first step is you feel the time is right for you to get support with a particular topic you wish to explore and transform. You may have tried a range of other techniques, or simply feel you want to examine this issue using the techniques I provide.

We have an introductory chat.

I'll respond to you and organise a time for an informal, 30 minute introductory chat. The point of this is to see where you're at, what you need support with and whether we 'click'. It's an opportunity to introduce yourself and your life, and ask any questions about the workshop process.

During this call I will also walk you through the session experience, step by step, so you know what to expect and feel secure.

You choose your session.

Once you've got that information, you make a decision about which package is right for you. You might go for a one-off session, or choose to work with me over a couple of sessions for maximum benefit.

We have our session (whether a one-off or the first of several sessions).

Your session will take place in a beautiful space in my home town of Leeds, or in your own home.

The session begins with a recap of our on-boarding call so you feel confident you're in safe hands. I'll then ask you to change into comfortable clothes and guide you into a relaxed state.

After this I will go through the steps of your uniquely-designed session. I will use different techniques to 'talk' to your body, encouraging it to release the issues it has been holding onto.

At the end of the session we'll have some tea and discuss the experience so you can embed the learnings into your conscious mind.

You get in touch.

You reach out to me through my contact form, email, or on social media inquiring about 1:1 coaching services. Don't worry if you don't know what to say - saying 'hello' is enough.

If it feels good, I share the session options with you.

If we both feel good about working together and confident that I can support you in your journey, I'll share the details of my session options with you either on the call or via email afterwards.

If, from our conversation, I recognise what I offer isn't a good fit for you right now, I'll let you know and wherever possible signpost you to more appropriate support.

I send over the paperwork.

The first step here is an on-boarding call.

During this call, we'll discuss the specific issue you want to tackle and the techniques I might use.

We'll also go through an in-depth screening conversation so I'm aware of any histories of physical or sexual trauma. This is something I do with all clients so I can create the safest space possible for you to release what's holding you back.

After the call, I'll send you a client agreement, payment plan, and suggested dates so everything is squared away before our first session.

Followed up by check ins and reviews.

Whether you have a one-off session or opt for several sessions, I'll regularly check in with you via WhatsApp or email to see how you're getting on and provide extra guidance if needed.

Booking a workshop for a group?

I follow a very similar process for group workshops, ensuring the key issues are articulated up-front and that I'm aware of any trauma histories of participants so I am creating a very safe and nurturing space.


In group workshops the techniques I share are focused on those which can be self-directed such as independent movement, breathwork and visualisation. In our initial call I'll walk you through what a group workshop would entail step by step, and what follow up I can provide for participants.

Get in touch

To enquire about coaching with me, fill out the form and I'll respond to organise an initial, 30 minute conversation.

Thanks for submitting!

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