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Men's Coaching Case Studies

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"Coaching managed to turn my anxieties into totally positive feelings ..."

"I learnt it's okay to break the mould of what a man should be ..."


"I've got clarity on what's the real problem and what I need to work on next ..."

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Success requires constancy.

I offer an ongoing, structured coaching package where I am your dependable guide, providing actionable, research-informed tools to help you excel at work, at home, and in the world.

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You've managed to turn my anxieties and insecurities into totally positive feelings, filling me with confidence. You showed me the potential change in career isn't a sign of failing but perhaps a transition to a new direction and actually something I really want to do.


Perhaps all the years I've spent up to this point have been for a reason, and all those experiences working for myself and running a business are transferable skills.


You were bloody marvellous.



After a few personal and business challenges I was looking for someone to help me clarify what was important. I wasn’t looking for a business coach per se as I knew that the problem was within me, so Eleanor came to mind.

I felt like I was surrounded by people who were ‘levelling up’ in their professional and personal lives whilst I was stagnating and feeling like I wasn’t good enough.

As a result of working with Eleanor I’ve got clarity on what was actually causing me distress and know what I need to focus on next.

My favourite part of working with Eleanor is that after our calls I’ve got things to work on, which helps, so I have clarity on what to do over the next few weeks.


Discover. Optimise. Excel.



“I had a stroke at the beginning of the year and returned home, alone, in May, causing huge emotional upheaval. It was my best friend who had gone through the same process with Eleanor who put me in touch with them.

At the time I felt incredibly lost, and very, very scared. It was overwhelming

and very much felt like my world was collapsing. I couldn’t see a way out of the landslide of emotions that consumed me and didn’t know where to turn or which way to go.

Looking back, I think in my adult life I have been negligent when it comes to my general mental health and let fear take control of my path. I quickly realised I needed help and there wasn’t much time to get it. I was a bit worried about opening myself up and exposing myself emotionally at the risk of being judged. But with Eleanor, there was no judgment and I felt safe.

Once I’d started coaching with Eleanor, they helped me voice things I’d never really been able to articulate clearly before – such as being emotionally intelligent from a young age, which was and continues to be a benefit to me, but I never realised it was something I had.

Through our talks and my Continuous Personal Improvement Programme, I realised that a lot of my own blocks weren’t all my own; a lot were other people’s fears unintentionally impressed on me and I had let those lead my life. Recognising these blocks and rising above them means I know I can achieve the goals I want from life – and be kinder to myself in the process.

Sometimes with the people you love, they try and help you but do it from the perspective of their own experience, rather than trying to look through or hear your perspective. After a while, you stop trying to seek help and you stagnate as a result. Eleanor gave me the opportunity to explain things from my perspective, listening and showing me different ways to look at things. They guided me to realisations and answers that I needed, and did it gently and with kindness.

Coaching with Eleanor is for any man who needs help clearing the way to move forward. As men, I think we have a lot of social pressure to be a certain way, and that societal norm hasn’t moved on or evolved, unlike the rest of society. There are a lot of men who feel they have lost their sense of what and who they should be, and are scared of that challenge of change.

Through coaching, I’ve learnt it’s okay to be in touch and show emotions; that it’s okay to love the things you love regardless of what people think; it’s okay to break the mould of what you’ve been taught a man has to be.”

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Discover. Optimise. Excel.

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