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Turn your biggest crisis into your greatest triumph.

Clear, practical, uncomplicated coaching solving identity, intimacy and masculinity problems for men over 35.

Do you struggle to talk about your mental health with the people closest to you?


"I just want it all to go away."

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Redundancy. Quitting your job. Starting a business. Selling a business. Turning 40. Turning 50. Divorce. Separation. Not liking what you see in the mirror. A declining sex life. Getting the cold shoulder. Difficult children. Difficult colleagues. Looming retirement.

These are crises that men like you face, and they are painful.

What's even more painful is that often you don't have the right tools to help you navigate them.


Shame, stigma or just not knowing where to start prevents men like you from getting practical guidance when you need it the most.


But that practical, clear, uncomplicated guidance is available. In fact, you're in just the right place.

"Eleanor is genuine, friendly and uses the perfect blend of practical solutions whilst helping you figure out the answer for yourself. Their focus is clearly on you and none of their advice feels prescriptive or rehearsed." - C.B.
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I equip men over 35 to navigate their pressing life crises through 1:1 men's coaching and facilitation.

My training in communication, emotional intelligence, body awareness and intimacy practices means I'm able to provide a practical and full-spectrum toolkit to help you navigate even the most personal crises.

Together, we work on three crisis zones:
"Eleanor has been with me through my business journey from side project to full time entrepreneur. The guidance provided has helped me grow my vision, and confidence, helped me stay on track and provided valuable perspective." - T.I..

If you are looking for ...

  • A trusted mens coaching space in which you can talk deeply about what's troubling you without getting dragged into navel-gazing

  • The clear, uncomplicated techniques that will help you navigate life crises in a way that makes you feel proud

  • A foundational toolkit for your personal growth that feels accessible, supportive and immediately applicable to what you're experiencing

... then my men's coaching will work for you.

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"Eleanor squirrels down to the root cause of resistance and pulls me up from drowning in the detail - and it's all communicated with such clarity and simplicity. I'm looking forward to continuing coaching this year." - J.F.

My promise is that you can gain relief from the crises you're facing in as little as 45 minutes.

This work is not easy, and getting coaching for men in middle age on your identity, intimacy and masculinity is not for the faint-hearted.


But if you are ready to step forward, face your crises and learn to use new emotional, intellectual and psychological tools ...

... you will experience clarity, relief and contentment in as little as 45 minutes - the time it takes to have our first consultation call.


And with sustained action, that clarity and relief will turn your biggest crisis into your greatest triumph.

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Book your free 45 minute consultation today

Thanks for booking a consultation. I'll be in touch in the next 24 hours.

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Your coach

Eleanor Snare Men's Coaching equips men over 35 to tackle their most personal crises through clear, practical, uncomplicated coaching

men's coaching and facilitation

  • Private, one-to-one sessions

  • Held over video call, phone call or in person

  • A trusted space without the navel-gazing

  • Follows my proven four-part framework

  • Moving you past frustration, disappointment and stress

  • Equipping you with clear, practical, uncomplicated tools to sort out what you're struggling with

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