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Breaking the Silence: Your 5 Part Framework for Unlocking Men's Mental Health Conversations

Are you a man who struggles to talk about mental health with the people close to you?


Do you feel held back in conversations about your mental and emotional wellbeing?

You’re not alone in this. It can be difficult to find the right words in conversations about mental health. That’s why I created Breaking the Silence, an ebook written specifically for men to help you better understand and express how you feel without feeling awkward or out of control.

The 5 Part Framework featured in this ebook will increase your confidence in approaching mental health conversations, so you can finally open up more easily to the people you love whenever faced with a need for meaningful conversation.

Unlock your ability to have meaningful conversations about mental health: download my ebook today.


Inside this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • The specific, simple sentences you can use, based on my years of emotional intelligence work, so that you feel in control of the mental health conversation

  • My 5 Part Framework to start men's mental health discussions so that there's no awkwardness or worrying about what you should say

  • The one practical emotional literacy tool that I recommend to all my clients, so that you can find the right words for how you're feeling, every time




If you read this ebook, use the framework and guidance, and don't feel happy with the results, email me and you’ll get a full refund.

"You've managed to turn my anxieties and insecurities into totally positive feelings, filling me with confidence. You were bloody marvellous!"

- Rupert

"Elly has been an amazing guide; they've been the Virgil to my Dante, helping me find a path through the fog that life felt it had become."

- James

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