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Emotional Literacy

The soft skill leaders need to navigate hard futures


We've all seen what happens when leadership aims to succeed at all costs.


Often white and often male, these bosses, managers and C Suite execs drive their organisations to new financial heights ...


... but at the cost of their staff, their teams, the planet, and even themselves. Boredom and disengagement is the best you can hope for. Burnout and disintegration is far more likely.

To be honest, it's not their fault. They never had the right tools or guides in the first place. These leaders have been taught that success can only come at a price. That it has to be individualistic, aggressive, cut-throat. It's dog-eat-dog out there, and there's no choice but to be the bigger dog.

These leaders have been taught they must be independent, cut off from others and from themselves. They've been taught the world is out to get them, and they've behaved accordingly, with damaging, or even dangerous, results. They've been taught to succeed at all costs - and I mean all.

But that path to success is a dead end.

Let's face it - some of us have always known its a dead end. But now, in a VUCA world rocked by climate crisis, misinformation, political instability and unthinkable technological advances, more leaders are getting the message:

"Your old way is over. Hard futures are coming. How will you navigate them?"

The single, simplest tool your leadership team can learn for what's to come is emotional literacy.

Emotional literacy is the ability to understand and communicate emotions: to feel, to share, and to listen, driving connection and success on a deep, profound level.


Over the last 10 years I've spoken for a range of organisations on emotional literacy and how it can be embedded at work, at home, and in the world.

At heart, I am a storyteller, combining a grounded, gentle speaking style with thought-provoking, incisive and disarmingly honest content drawn from latest research into emotional literacy and my own life experiences as a rape survivor, former depressive, ADHD-er, nonbinary, polyamorous person.


I'm not an entertainer nor am I there to 'bootcamp' your organisation into action. I'm an empowerer and educator, planting in your audience the innovative thoughts and tools they need to excel emotionally and professionally in the hard futures to come.

“We had such great verbal feedback about your keynote. So glad we recorded it because we all want to see it! Now just worrying about how on earth we top you next year … ”

Fiona Pelly, Design Futures Conference Lead

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ed sutcliffe.jpg

Ed Sutcliffe, Owner MET Marketing Recruitment

"Eleanor kindly came into our office to share their story and journey. Their candid style is highly relatable and starts to really demystify the world of mental health. The way Eleanor explains their background in such an engaging way brings it to life and is not overly serious, with some tongue in cheek humour.

It got my thinking about how I had been approaching friends and colleagues in the past and not really taking mental health issues as seriously as I should have done.


I can honestly say it has given the business and me masses of food for thought along with practical ways we can improve our approach in the future."

jimmy blaire.jpg

Jimmy Blair, Culture and Talent Manager

"Eleanor presented their personal story to our business to kick off Mental Health Awareness Week. It was hugely candid and eye opening, and resonated with many of us. Whilst taking us all through their journey, Eleanor gave clear insight as to how they've dealt with various challenges, many of which we will look to try and put into practice in our wider wellbeing initiatives.

You would be hard pushed to find someone who could talk any better around what is a difficult and sensitive subject. The way Eleanor presents their story is one of the main reasons as to why they stands out. Eleanor is massively engaging and portrays what they've been through on a level that many people can relate to.

If you are just beginning to bring more awareness to your business around mental health or already progressing down the path, I would highly recommend getting in touch with Eleanor."

Emotional Literacy Speaking Themes

  • Improving Conversations Around Mental Health at Work

  • Succeeding in Professional Relationships

  • The Future of Work is Values-Driven

  • Emotionally Literate Leadership

  • Soft Skills for Hard Futures

  • Working with Men in Power (A Talk for Female Leaders)

  • Redefining Your Leadership Narrative (A Talk for Male Leaders)

“Elly was key to the success of our event, and I would have no hesistation in recommending them to others seeking a warm, engaging, down-to-earth speaker.”

Roz Walsh, Transformational Change Programme Support Manager
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Let's equip your leaders for the hard futures ahead.

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