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High Performance Men's Coaching

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Success requires constancy.

I offer an ongoing, structured coaching package where I am your dependable guide, providing actionable, research-informed tools to help you excel at work, at home, and in the world.

My three coaching Zones of Excellence provide focus for our sessions together:

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Coaching Zones of Excellence
"You showed me the potential change in career isn't a sign of failing but perhaps a transition to a new direction and actually something I really want to do. Perhaps all the years I've spent up to this point have been for a reason, and all those experiences working for myself and running a business are transferable skills. You were bloody marvellous." - R.C.
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Clear, practical, and disarmingly honest.

Together, we'll uncover aspects of your personality and behavioural patterns which need to be understood and optimised for you to excel in all areas of your life.

My coaching is a rich, deep dive into who you really are, helping your discover your strengths, mitigate against your weaknesses, and bring your most effective, authentic self into the light.

high performance men's coaching

I offer a specifically structured package of coaching based on years of experience coaching others to new levels of success, using the perfect blend of independent action and personal guidance to take you to across-the-board excellence.

Coaching sessions are 60 minutes long, via phone or video call. You'll have a direct WhatsApp line to me so that accountability and support are only a message away, plus a tailored Continuous Performance Improvement Programme so that your optimisation gathers momentum throughout our time together.

"Eleanor pushed me to look at things differently and teased things out through my own drive and passions and combined them with enlightening perspectives regarding organisation, communication, and psychology. They gave me the tools I needed to create sustainable, actionable and positive changes in my mindset in a safe space." - T.R.
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Discover. Optimise. Excel.

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