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Changing How You See Yourself


The main thing I see holding people back from enjoying and achieving their most delicious desires is not a lack of knowledge of what to do to achieve those desires.

It is their perception of themselves.

Over many years, you’ve accumulated beliefs about yourself. Some you love – “I’m a really open-minded person” – and others you really don’t love: “I just don’t have the confidence”.

These beliefs are deep, hard to shift and hard to see.

And these self-perceptions hold you back from enjoying and achieving what you would love most in the world.

So when I work with clients on this topic, the first thing I do is listen intently for phrases which indicate one of these beliefs. Things like:

  • “I always…”

  • “I can’t…”

  • “I never…”

  • “I’m not the sort of person who…”

Then I offer them questions to try and untangle this deep, hard to shift belief from who they truly are – their sensual, sacred self.

A great question for this is: “Without this belief, who would you be?”

What I love about this question is that most people assume that without their negative belief, life will be amazing.

But the answers to that question highlight where you are experiencing benefits from continuing to hold that belief. And by identifying the benefits of that particular self-perception, you’re starting to tackle the problem at the root – not just changing how you see yourself, but how you truly feel about who you are.


So if you want to try this out, first pick a negative belief you have about yourself that occurs fairly often. Start with something small, just to try this out.

Then, ask yourself “Without this belief, who would I be?” and journal on the answers.

You might find some interesting results …


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