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My approach

Here you can learn more about my approach to facilitating both private and group embodied coaching sessions, and the different techniques I use.

I take a holistic and trauma-aware approach, available for all bodies.

In my sessions, I focus on engaging the soul and body so deep-seated issues can be released and a new, more joyful existence experienced.

I believe in the right tool for the right job, and use a wide variety of embodied methods to engage you in working through the issues springing from conflict, lack, overwhelm and discord. Learn more about my credentials here.

Crucially, I am an accessibility-focused, trauma-aware facilitator and take great care to create and maintain secure spaces in which all physical and emotional experiences can be felt safely.


Unconditional Love is my core spiritual value and sense of being. I extend this Unconditional Love to you so you feel safe and held.


During the workshop, I will use relevant tools - such as crystals, scents, sounds and healing words - to further support your processing and release.


I use my training in Sensual Somatics™ and other embodiment practices to engage you in meaningful movement that processes and untangles 'stuck' issues.

Post-workshop Medicine

I'll provide you with simple tips and techniques to use in daily life after the workshop to help integrate what you've experienced.

Energy Work

Supporting you to release and transmute negative energy is fundamental to my workshops. I use my healing skills to 'talk' to your body and encourage this process.


Whether you choose a one-off workshop or multiple sessions, I'll regularly check in with you to see how you are, and provide support where you need it.

What you can expect

In your session, you can expect to experience a safe space in which to feel, release and transmute what has been holding you back. Workshops with me can be emotional experiences, in that I provide the space for your body to fully feel your feelings - some of which may be very old and very deep.

I trust my intuition and co-creation with The Universe will guide my actions during the session so you leave deeply connected to your sensual power and sacred perspective.

"My embodiment session with Eleanor was wonderful. Their guidance was clear, their voice was soothing, and the approach very gentle. I highly recommend a session with Eleanor, especially if this is your first time doing embodied practice. Their approach is very grounded and  accessible."


Get in touch

To enquire about booking a workshop, fill out the form and I'll get in touch to organise a casual, getting to know you conversation.

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